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Some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations rely on Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy to develop business-savvy managers and leaders. The Zodiak business simulation allows individuals to experience making executive business decisions from the safety of a classroom. They will build a foundational knowledge of finance, business metrics, and strategic acumen.

Through customization, organizations focus on the metrics, ratios and terms that are most relevant to them. Zodiak’s flexible framework allows for varying levels of complexity to serve different audiences’ needs, from high-potential leaders to senior executives.

The program can scale to train ten people at a time to hundreds of people at a time. This makes it the perfect solution for training a large event audience or as part of a continuing, open-enrollment learning and development program.

The competitive gameplay, instant feedback and experiential learning mechanics take what can be intimidating content (business acumen and financial literacy) and transform it into an effective and memorable training experience.

What's the cost of not training your employees?

Employees and managers at all levels of an organization will make better decisions if they understand how the business works. Company training for new employees often leaves out what’s most important to the business: understanding how the company works and makes money.

How many times are employees promoted to manager roles without financial or business acumen training? Empower those new managers with basic financial skills so they can manage a P&L and teach their direct reports to make good business decisions.

Without this, their short-sighted or poor financial decisions will cost their organizations hard-won dollars every day. Project teams, new employees and managers at all levels without business acumen, or a big-picture view of the business, will rack up unnecessary spend for their organization.

With a basic grasp of finance and financial terms, managers will be more effective leaders for their teams and for the bottom line of the business.

Create responsible leaders, project teams, and new employees with business acumen training, finance for non-financial leaders, project management training, leadership development, effective onboarding and strategic alignment.


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