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4th and Organizational Goals: The Link Between Football and Business Acumen

Posted by Andrew Feldhaus on November 16, 2017

All 32 NFL teams came into the season with one common goal: win the Super Bowl and hoist the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. It takes more than a star quarterback or a super-human wide receiver to drive a team to the big game. To achieve this goal, every player on the team must buy into the system and be on the same page. Like an NFL team, most organizations are driven by common goals. But what happens if a team isn’t on the same page? Do they have a shot at achieving their goals?


1st Quarter – Know Your Role and Do Your Job

Whether your job is managing departmental budgets or making key blocks to set up a score, understanding how that function fits into the big picture is vital to the organization. Without everyone acting as one, a team is setting themselves up for failure.


2nd Quarter – Next Man In

Injuries, like employee turnover, are a part of the game. In both cases, it’s important to have “bench strength.”  Training employees to understand concepts and execute strategies, beyond their current roles, provides a strong talent pool of qualified backups. If adversity strikes, there’s someone on the bench who’s ready to pick up the slack.


Halftime – Infographic Halftime Show

The Missing Link Infographic - Football and Business Acumen | Paradigm Learning

3rd Quarter – The Eye in the Sky Doesn’t Lie

Film study, used to evaluate a team’s performance during a practice or game, provides invaluable insight into the areas that need improvement. An organization can use this same approach when evaluating their financial statements. For some, the challenge in this approach is the lack of business acumen skills within the organization. If the people with the potential to impact the numbers don’t understand what those numbers mean, how can they improve?


4th Quarter – Touchdown

Scoring for a win deserves celebration. More importantly, building off these victories allows an organization to narrow the gap between their current position and their overall goal. Understanding the why behind a win is just as important as identifying and addressing weaknesses. Knowing why a strategy worked makes it that much easier to replicate.


Post Game – Analysis

If the members of an organization know how to play, score and win the game, victory is all but guaranteed. 

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