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5 Things You Cannot Miss at ATD ICE 2017

Posted by Paradigm Learning on May 03, 2017

If you are a training and development, or learning and performance professionals, then you’ve already been made more than aware of the upcoming ATD 2017 Conference and Expo. In fact, we hope you’re gearing up for it and heading to Atlanta in just a few weeks.

As you begin to plan your schedule, let us share some key opportunities at this international conference that you absolutely cannot miss!

  1. The Expo to Top All

ATD 2017 will be the world’s largest event dedicated to the training and development industry. This year, the Expo Hall will house more than 400 world-class training vendors, providing the latest and greatest in leadership development programs, learning technologies and more! With so many vendors and peers on the expo hall floor, you’ll get to expand your professional network, in addition to seeing first-hand the new training solutions designed to help organizations perform better and get ahead of the curve.

  1. Concurrent sessions for Maximum Learning Potential

More than 300 education sessions—in 10 content tracks and four industry tracks—will be offered over the course of the four-day conference. The overall schedule is designed to provide maximum time for sessions, visiting the EXPO, and networking throughout the day. You name what you’re interested in, and there’s a session on it. Check out the full schedule and what will be offered HERE

  1. Keynote Speaker Madness

As an industry leader, we’ve been to our fair share of conferences and gotten to see some powerful keynote speakers. This event will be no exception as it boasts three presenters to share a wealth of insights as inspirational thought leaders. This year your speakers will be: Dr. Ronan Tynan (an Irish Tenor and Paralympic Champion), Dr. Kelly McGonigal (Health Psychologist and Lecturer at Stanford University), and Captains Mark and Scott Kelly (Decorated NASA astronauts and retired US Navy Captains). Trust us, you’re going to want to hear what these speakers have to say. To learn more about them and their topics, click HERE

  1. Pre-Conference workshops

Registered to go early? Fantastic! There are just as many learning opportunities before the expo officially starts! Preconference learning offers you exclusive tracks that focus on your professional development. You will learn from the game changers—the individuals who are shaping the industry. Get a head start and register today!

  1. Coming to see US

For the best gamification and blended learning solutions, be sure to stop in and see us at booth #2509. Paradigm Learning has been creating and sharing impactful business solutions and simulations for over 20 years. You will get a firsthand look at some of the most innovative learning solutions around and will have fun doing it! We would love to have a conversation with you. Want a sneak peek? Learn more about us and our business simulations HERE

Get ready, because the countdown is on! Can’t wait to see you there!




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