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Business Acumen Arms Women to Rule the World of Leadership

Posted by Paradigm Learning on December 12, 2015

"As Leaders, Women Rule. New studies find that female managers outshine their male counterparts in almost every measure." - BusinessWeek

This quote stuck with us, as well as the other 430 women that attended the Human Capital Institute’s webcast yesterday titled “Moving More Women to the Top with Leadership Development and Business Acumen.” The webcast was delivered by two very successful women, Paradigm Learning co-founder, Cathy Rezak, and LeadingWomen CEO and author, Susan Colantuono.

Leadership succession planning still reigns with men aspiring to move into senior roles.

If you didn’t get to attend the webcast and you are a woman aspiring to break out of the 36% seen above, then you must know these three important tips shared in the webcast.

1.No matter how you slice it, business acumen is a MUST for women aspiring to the top. We define business acumen as an in-depth, actionable understanding of a how a business works, how it makes money, and how strategies and decisions impact financial, operational, and sales results. Business acumen is more than simply financial literacy because it arms leaders with industry and market knowledge, as well as the ability to critically think and see the big picture.

And yes, business acumen can be developed.

2.The gender gap is at the top. Women need to find strength in achieving outcomes. Susan touched on three requirements of leaders. They are: achieve and sustain outcomes, use the greatness in you, and engage the greatness in others. According to Susan and her research, women fall short in achieving outcomes, which men succeed with.

3. Level the playing field by enhancing women’s skills. Susan mentions three actions that can enhance women’s skills required for advancement into senior positions. They are:

          a. Incorporate business, strategic, and financial acumen education.

          b. Educate women on speaking the Language of Power™

          c. Mentoring and sponsorship with a focus on business, strategic, and financial acumen.

As leaders, women rule. Time to rise to the top, ladies….and rule the corporate world.

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