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From Bored Game To Board Game

Posted by Paradigm Learning on August 10, 2017

Although I can't live without my phone, I can't seem to maintain my interest in a mobile game very long. We’ve all been there, and some of you may even still have games on your phone like Candy Crush, Temple Run or Angry Birds. They can be extremely addicting at first, but then they fade out. Why is that? According to USA Today, board games are making a huge comeback. This resurgence isn’t just in homes, allowing family members to put down their iPads and phones, but also in the office place with organizational training as well!

Board games create a fun, memorable way to interact, be engaged and learn.Some organizations have utilized E-learning within their L&D, with little results to show for it. Much like mobile gaming, it’s because E-learning is often done in isolation. One person in front of one computer screen going through a pre-rendered module that leaves no impression and a feeling of apathy.

Gaming on your phone or computer inevitably turns into your eyes glazing over while you stare at your screen for hours on end. But with board games, especially business games, you’re communicating; you’re focused on a multitude of things, maybe even getting into the strategy. Board games are a great example of the power of discovery learning, or experiential learning. Learners are interacting with and invested in the game board and one another while making heat of the moment decisions.

When businesses utilize games that get the entire room involved, the results speak for themselves. We’ve seen firsthand how games can get a room abuzz with activity. They’re strategizing, laughing and growing closer as a team and collectively as parts of the organization. When they “get in the game,” it creates the opportunity to learn without even realizing their learning. As they get engaged with the activity and conversation with their teammates, they are learning topics and concepts that will translate back to their day-to-day activities.

The renaissance and revolution of board games is here. They bring the personal interaction and tactile feel needed to get real results in development. So, the next time you’re sitting down to play Monopoly or Settlers of Catan with your family or friends, think about how you can bring that sensation to your organization.

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