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New Hire Onboarding and Orientation with Blended Learning

Posted by Paradigm Learning on July 18, 2019

One of the biggest banks in the U.S. faced a challenge: Hundreds of new managers were being hired each year to work in call centers and branch locations.

The new hire orientation process included several 30-minute, on-line training modules that introduced them to the organization, its values and what the bank meant by “a great customer experience.”

The challenge was this: how to apply the knowledge gained online to the real world in which they will be working. Remembering the rules and policies was only part of the task; enforcing those policies required a deft touch and some critical thinking when applied to real people. This was made even more difficult in the highly regulated banking industry.

The organization wanted a classroom learning experience to supplement the on-line modules and drive retention. Senior leadership wanted it to:

  • Simulate real-world situations the managers will face in dealing with difficult personnel issues and with customers
  • Make learners comfortable applying the bank’s leadership competencies to each situation
  • Apply the pillars of great customer experience to real-world customers
  • Apply the bank’s values to create a positive and engaging employee experience
  • Provide a way to practice (in a safe environment) the skills they learned
  • Achieve a clear understanding of how HR guidelines can benefit employees, managers and the organization

Paradigm Learning worked with a team of subject matter experts from the bank to develop a 4-hour learning experience—a customized game—that was fast-paced, accommodated small teams of learners and had an element of competition.

The game incorporated a fictional team of employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and expectations. It also incorporated fictional customers.

The newly hired managers were challenged with situations that, in many cases, didn’t have a clear right/wrong answer. They had to think critically and apply HR guidelines to each of their choices. They worked on a colorful, engaging game board and utilized a workbook full of helpful content during the game and as a reinforcing take-away when the session ended.

Over the last couple of years, several thousand new managers experienced this customized game and, according to senior leadership, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. The most commonly heard comment was something like: “This game gave me an opportunity to make decisions in a safe environment and to learn different approaches to difficult issues. And we had fun doing it!”

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