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New Year, New Financially Savvy & Energized You

Posted by Paradigm Learning on January 08, 2021

It’s that time of year again – a new year, a new slate, a new time for resolutions! As you think about your professional development goals for the year, consider what experts have been touting as a key competency to promotion and career leadership: a solid foundation in financial acumen.

As this CNBC article suggests, making it a priority to increase your financial acumen will help your personal finances as well as your financial decision-making on the job. This is evergreen advice from year to year. In addition to becoming more financially savvy in 2021, here are some other ideas to consider.

1. Make the time to reflect.

From a training perspective, the new year is a fresh opportunity to reflect on your current and upcoming initiatives. What supplemental tools or resources do your leaders (or emerging leaders) need this year to support those initiatives? Perhaps posting some links in your LMS that define key terms that will be used in an upcoming quarterly report or town hall meeting?

2. Assess the team spirit.

Are your leaders entering 2021 re-energized, or exhausted from the many challenges of 2020? Consider adding personal check-ins at the beginning of the year (especially if you’re working virtually) to touch base with team members. What are you doing to rally your team around the new goals of the year? Would they benefit from a team-based program to boost accountability and morale?

3. Prioritize.

As you reflect and assess, put your answers into a priority list. We all start the new year fresh (and hopefully energized), but we also need to be realistic. Prioritizing where these items fall will help your focus and accomplishments.


Cheers to your financially savvy and energized 2021!

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