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Our Top 5 Learning and Development Blogs

Posted by Paradigm Learning on March 15, 2018

Having a list of go-to blogs can be a great source of inspiration and information. 

We’re always looking for blogs and websites that provide informative tips and trends, as well as in-depth insights into the training world.

When it comes to thought leadership in the learning and development space, we find these five publishers to be among the best. 


Training Industry

By accepting contributions from learning leaders from around the world, Training Industry’s blog covers a wide array of topics in everchanging tone.

Each month is focused on a specific topic. Here’s a preview of their upcoming themes:

• March 2018: Women’s Leadership Training

• April 2018: Sourcing Training

• May 2018: Content Development

• June 2018: Health and Safety Training



The topics covered, and delivery mechanisms used by the Association for Talent Development are too many to name. 

Whether you’re looking for an informed blog post, the latest industry report or a stat-filled webinar, ATD is a great source of information. 

In fact, Paradigm Learning will be at ATD’s 2018 International Conference & Exposition. 



Although the focus of this blog is clearly tilted towards HR thought leadership, the topics often cross-over into training and development. Since many HR professionals function as talent managers, identifying and addressing knowledge gaps, SHRM’s blog is an excellent learning and development resource.


Training Magazine

The Training Day Blog labels itself as “the blog for development professionals.” The topics covered range from new hire etiquette to workplace culture. The website has a clean, no frills esthetic that allows for uninterrupted content digestion. 


Bersin by Deloitte

With a large list of accredited authors, this site offers long-form blog posts that are backed by reputable facts, studies, and statistics. They do a great job of using these references, accompanied by clean graphics, to bring each article to life. Topics range from talent acquisition and HR best practices to organizational structure. 


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