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Run Your Life Like a Project Manager

Posted by Paradigm Learning on September 27, 2017

A recent article featured in Inc magazine, covering how some extremely successful people manage their days, caught my attention. The piece provided a glimpse into a day in the life of eight notable entrepreneurs. A comparison of each entrepreneur’s daily routine suggests there may be a formula, or at least some guiding principles, to achieving their level of success.


Alexis Ohanian, Reddit founder and fiancé to tennis superstar Serena Williams, made the cover of Inc and shared his day without inhibition. He sleeps, works out, commutes from San Francisco to Los Angeles, discuses business over drinks, and maintains a long-distance relationship. None of these activities jump out and scream “this will make you successful!” In fact, the other seven schedules are no different. Aside from Michelle Phan’s (YouTube phenom and founder of EM cosmetics) use of a waterproof phone to catch up on news while in the shower, none of these daily routines are breaking the mold. What ties each of these success stories together?


The common thread between each of the entrepreneurs is a strong understanding of their goals and the most effective or efficient way to achieve those goals: all without sacrificing quality of life or family time. It’s evident that their success is fueled by strong time-management skills and the ability to delegate. The most insightful portions of this article are the layouts (neatly designed infographics), the comparison of the entrepreneurs (in a color-coded graph) and the reasoning behind the decisions. The visualizations give clear insight into the organization behind these productive minds. Clearly, they’re running their lives like a project manager at the top of their game.


The idea of using project management skills to increase your workplace productivity and improve your work-life balance is enticing. Based on how these juggernauts are running their lives, it’s not that farfetched.


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