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Zodiak Pro Logo A digital simulation that will build the business acumen of your managers, leaders, and key contributors.

Flexible, fun, real world and self-paced.

Business Acumen is more important today than ever. Employees with an in-depth understanding of how a business works, how it makes money and how strategies and decisions influence results can have a positive impact on your business. They will more confidently align their goals, make day-to-day business decisions, communicate with others about financial issues, and engage team members around strategy.

A Challenging Digital Simulation

Learners are in control. They can reconsider, re-play, pause, save and restart.

As CEO of the Zodiak Innovation Group, learners play for three simulated years to analyze information and make operational decisions around marketing, sales, pricing, financing, R&D, production and more. A business metrics dashboard tracks their progress in revenue, cash flow, margins, profitability, shareholder value, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Participants interact with a business coach, members of the Board of Directors and leaders of key departments who provide information, advice, coaching, and feedback. A learning center provides resources to help with decisions and an embedded Artificial Intelligence system reviews results and provides additional feedback and help.

Learners can experience the Zodiak Pro simulation asynchronously or synchronously.

Zodiak Pro Logo


When leaders, managers and key contributors increase their business acumen, they will much more confidently...

  • Read and interpret company financial statements
  • Use financial terminology and concepts
  • Ask insightful questions about goals and strategies
  • Help others understand the numbers
  • Align their department and personal goals to the company


A powerful follow-up to Paradigm Learning’s Zodiak: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy program to reinforce and expand the business acumen of previous learners.

A unique stand-alone program for any manager or employee needing to acquire increased financial and business literacy, including experienced managers, high-potentials, team leaders, project managers, sales and marketing professionals and other key contributors.

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Level up your Business Acumen with Paradigm Learning’s new digital training simulation powered by Advantexe!

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